Satcom Direct


We offer budget-sensitive, total package communications solutions for operating on land, sea, or in the air. Let us help you determine the right mix of services and equipment for your needs, and we’ll be there to help you keep it running.

General Aviation

Track your aircraft in real time, talk, SMS and email to enhance communications during your flight.

Large Scale Events

Post, text, talk, execute POS transactions, and conduct business among thousands of your best fans.


Improve efficiency and use the best technology available to remotely track, monitor and manage assets.


Keep connected from ship to shore. Support both your safety and operations with voice, text and internet.


Broadcast your content live from the field and set up a mobile newsdesk in minutes, anywhere in the world.

Military & Government

Ensure your mission success with the tools for voice, data and situational awareness where they’re needed.

Oil & Gas

Set up a mobile office wherever your exploration, development or production occurs to keep information flowing.

Public Safety

Stay connected while answering the call for help, no matter the condition of ground networks.

Our experts are ready to discuss your requirements and create a customized solution that meets your objectives.