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Public Safety

Satellite communication systems that are life savers

When public safety is at risk, connectivity and open lines communication are absolutely essential to keeping people out of harm’s way. Today’s technology allows public safety personnel and first responders to communicate directly from where the emergency is taking place. All other networks may be down, but you stay connected.


Whether it’s keeping first responders in touch with one another or establishing a way for field teams to send data, we deliver options to meet all of your communication needs. We offer a complete range of fixed, mobile or vehicular options for single users or whole teams.


Use push-to-talk units so you’re always in communication with your first responder team. Set up a mobile command center in minutes featuring the fastest live streaming available on the market. Transfer data and send reports from the field. Rely on wireless networks that operate multiple systems to share information.


We have the technology, resources and experience to best assist emergency responders.


From handheld systems to broadband solutions to vehicular-mounted antenna, we can help.


Contact an SD representative at (321) 777-0771 for more information of complete our customer service form for assistance.


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